Awaken the Force Within

During this upside down time we can truly find help and support from within.

And quite literally,

Because we have lots of tiny little soldiers in our body, of which some have the super cool name of ‘T-CELLS’ they are manufactured in the Thymus. These super cells search and destroy infected cells and pre cancerous cells. The Thymus resides in the chest just behind the breast bone. 

These soldiers travel around our body by the Lymphatic system. The lymphatic systems also includes the spleen and Liver which also play a big part in protecting us. But today I’m talking about the Thymus. 

Now the lymphatic system does NOT work like our circulatory system, it is ‘squeezed’ upwards through the body, by the muscles and breathing. For upper extremities (above heart) it is gravity that helps it move. So now more than ever we need to MOVE!!!!! We need to breath more deeply not only to relax us but to PROTECT ourselves. We need to help our Lymphatic System (immune system).


The Lymphatic Systems name Lymph in Latin means – ‘connected to water’, and it is quite literally that. Comprising of 96% water, so first and foremost drink plenty of water. The NHS recommends 1.2 litres per day 6-8 glasses of water.



Next we need to move, with being stuck at home this is hard and sometimes we just wont feel like it. But it will make you feel better and you just have to think you are supporting your immune system. Which ultimately is your protection. Set an alarm to get up and walk around the house every hour (obviously you cant do it whilst your asleep but do it during the day, it will help you sleep!) Chores, gardening anything that gets you moving. 


Its actually a proven fact that when we get stressed and anxious that we become more susceptible to illness. Our bodies own protection hormone Cortisol has a negative effect on the lymphatic system. This is because the Lymphatic system thrives in an Alakaline neutral environment, but Cortisol is acidic in nature so it actually ‘weakens’ our immune system, making us less able to fight against virus’s. So we need to De-stress!

I know the current situation breeds stress and to be honest i dont think anyone could truthly say that this situation has not stressed them.  But do you know what,  It’s perfectly natural/normal to be stressed, in fact i would be worried if you was not. 

 ‘It would be dangerous to be indecisive about a threat to our survival so the brain runs information from our senses through the most primitive, reactive parts of the brain first. These areas of the brain control instinctive responses and they don’t do much thinking. This more primitive part of our brain communicates with the rest of our brain and body to create signals we cant ignore easily: Powerful emotions and symptoms’

These powerful emotions and symptoms are stress and anxiety. I am doing an article on this for my web site called ‘Stress & Anxiety, is not as bad as you think. Its all about a balance.’. You will see why stress is actually good for you, but only in the right balance. So what I’m saying is, its OK to be stressed but I’m asking you to find a way to manage it. For some of us its exercise, for others its a book, a bath. You know what relax’s you, so make an effort to do it. Because its going to take a conscious effort to stop the worries and the fear overwhelming us. 

 ‘There is a clear and present object of fear. Although the response is different (real vs. Imagined danger) fear and anxiety are interrelated. When faced with fear most people will experience the physical reactions that described as anxiety. Fear causes anxiety and anxiety causes fear’

Its a viscous circle we have to break. By taking control of the worry and the stress. Accept its ok to be afraid and know that you can manage your fear.

So we will ‘Awaken the Force Within’…..

Its time to initiate ‘The Relaxation Response’…. This is not just words, this is a very real thing!

’The response is defined as your personal ability to encourage your body to release chemicals and brain signals that make your muscles and organs slow down and increase blood flow to the brain’

As i said you can do it by doing the things you enjoy to do, but i am going to help you do the rest. Breathing and Meditation are a very big thing in initiating the Relaxation Response. As it directly effects the Parasympathetic Nervous System (The part of us active when we are relaxed, happy…in love) So I’m going to teach you to breath more deeply, ill give you the tools you need to relax. All you have to do is use them. 

I will be sending out instructions and links to breathing and meditation practices. I will be recording the first practice soon – Abdominal Breathing with a basic meditation. 

Help is coming 🙏

Sending Love and Protective Light to keep you, you family and friends safe