Free Virtual Meditation Sadhana (Practice)

So we have found ourselves in a surreal situation, never could we have expected life to change as it has. All of a sudden everything is upside down, life as we know is on hold.

Now we are being asked to stay at home and we find ourselves confused, stressed, anxious and worried about this invisible threat. Our minds are going on overdrive and creating scenarios of scary situations, its a vicious circle that can drag you into a pit of despair.

We have the power within us to change how we feel…. how we react to a situation..

The way out and the key to hope is a simple breathing practice and meditation.

”Meditation increase’s your fuse rating to life”

Chris Barrington

I want to share this gift of hope with you, with a daily Meditation Sadhana (Practice) at 9pm.

Starting next week, Monday 6th April by Facebook Live.

More information coming in the next few days.

Sending love and light to keep you safe and give you comfort when you need it x